Your Bridal Shopping Timeline

Ever wondered when the “right time” to do something was? Well when it comes to your wedding we’ve got our bridal shopping timeline right here for you!

Timing is everything!

With this years wedding high season nearly over, we turn to look at those unique winter brides, and those individuals planning for the summer of 2018. We all know the phrase that good things come to those who wait, but the waiting game can be stressful and often unsuccessful one for any bride to play.

A popular question with many brides preparing for their big day is what time frame should they be working to find their wedding dress, for bridesmaids dresses and other necessary items for their wedding day. And my answer never comes without caution. Naturally, I am inclined to suggest that every bride is different and their own processes of getting into a flow with the organisation of their wedding day is a natural occurrence. Some brides would stress if everything wasn’t done as soon as possible and others would be overwhelmed by the intensity of making so many decisions so quickly. But despite my cautious approach to these questions, I do always advocate one thing; the earlier the better.

Planning a wedding is one of the most important things a couple will do in their lives together, the most special day, to be share with all their loved ones. Getting ahead of the game therefore, and making decisions on colour themes, or venues is important to ensure a smooth and easy ride.

Once the venue and the date is booked the excitement turns to what you’ll wear! Around a year before your wedding date you need to start looking for your wedding dress. Although not all our brands take a 6 months to arrive you’ll want to leave yourself 2-3 months to browse dresses, a minimum of 6 months to order or you’ll find some options aren’t available to you and then 2 months before the wedding for alteration.s We also recommend leaving yourself at least 1 extra month incase your wedding dress gets delayed for any reason (it shouldn’t but why put yourself on a tight timeline if you don’t have to!)

Around 9 months before you wedding date you want to be booking in your hair and makeup artist if you haven’t already. Tori, founder of Elevate Bridal says: “For any suppliers who need to physically be at your wedding on the day it’s advisable to book them as soon as possible. Once another bride books them they’re gone so if you find a photographer, band or makeup artist you love get them booked in before you miss out!”

Around 6 months before the big day you want to be shopping for your bridesmaids dresses, we actually recommend starting a little earlier if you have very busy bridesmaids who are hard to pin down! Here at The Boutique we aim to work on a minimum turn around of about 3 months for bridesmaids dresses, ensuring that there is plenty of time should the rare occurrence of a mistake be made (god forbid) and therefore leaves us plenty of time for corrections!

The last 3 months of wedding planning is the time to buy all the fun things, hair accessories to finish your look and gifts for your bridesmaids. At The Boutique & Co we have a fab selection from Victoria Millésime for you to try!

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