Bridal Advice from Victoria Millésime: Do you really have to toss your wedding garter?

Wedding garters – we so often get asked by brides – do they really have to toss their garter? They spent so much time finding the perfect one and now they just have to throw it away for someone else to keep? What if the bride wants to keep the garter for herself, alongside her other wedding keepsakes – the veil, headpiece, order of service etc. Well Victoria Millésime is here to solve this problem for you in her recent blog post: “Do I Have To Toss My Wedding Garter?

This is one of the questions I get asked most frequently…. Many brides have spent a considerable amount of time choosing the perfect wedding garter for their outfit. Therefore they are naturally concerned about tossing it halfway through the day, and never seeing it again! There is a long history surrounding the wedding tradition of tossing your wedding garter – I actually wrote whole post about it here. But just because it’s tradition, doesn’t mean you have to! For many brides, their box of wedding keepsakes is a far more important consideration than rigidly sticking to tradition.

To read Victoria’s top tips for solving this dilemma, head on over to her blog here to read the full post. And if you’re still looking for your own, we stock the full collection of Victoria Millésime wedding garters here at The Boutique for you to try and purchase.

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