Mismatched Bridesmaids? The Do’s and The Dont’s

When it comes to bridesmaids, however many girlfriends you’ve got by your side on your big day, we all know the perils of choosing  something that not only suits but also appropriately fits every girl. It’s not often that a group of women, with different shapes, styles and skin tones can walk into a shop and successfully try on the exact same dress, and all look and feel comfortable in it. So why is it that we think this uniform look will work for our wedding day? Yes, of course there are bridal parties that look stunning in the same dresses; sisters are the first that come to mind. Small parties can also pull off the look with only a few girls to match together. But frankly thats not always the case for bridal parties. More often than not, one wants her shoulders covered, the other is conscious of her chest, the third hates the dress you’ve already chosen. And so, as we are finding here at The Boutique, brides are choosing to settle their qualms by instead opting for a “mismatch” look. The concept of having mismatched bridesmaids is definitely not new to the bridal scene, however, more recently, as what is fashionable for the younger bride changes, its popularity has risen greatly.

However, as easy as it sounds to simply randomly pick numerous dresses for numerous girls there are some tips and pointers we would love you to note down before settling on a mismatched look. Firstly, it is important for every bride to figure out what their main objective is; be it comfort, elegance, colour or style. Although the “mismatched” bridesmaid trend is in full swing, understanding the way that mismatched bridesmaids work together is most important. It would be difficult to say that we’ve loved every attempt we’ve seen, but the truth is that the wedding parties that work best, are the ones that are subtly different yet still stand out as unique dresses in their own rights. The easiest way to ensure that your bridesmaids dresses will all compliment each other on the day is to go for the same brand of dresses. Throughout a collection across different styles there will be some similarities such as fabric, colour and also often design features that mimic each other such as the use of buttons or a side gather on a skirt or as in the image above both have a slit in the skirt giving them a matching element that ties them together perfectly.

Our favourite (and the most successful mismatched bridesmaids) are same brand, same colour, different style! Though we’ve also found 2 colours works well in larger groups too!

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