9 Stunning Two Piece Bridesmaid Dresses Your Bridesmaids Will Love

We have to admit it – here at The Boutique & Co. we’re just a little obsessed with two piece bridesmaid dresses. That’s why they feature heavily in the exclusive collection we designed with Matchimony. Lace tops, Satin camis, chiffon skirts and wide sweeping tulle skirts, there is so much to choose from.

two piece bridesmaid dresses

Why Your Bridesmaids Will Love Two Piece Bridesmaid Dresses

So, why will your best girls love them?

  • They will look hot! Skirt and top combinations are often more flattering than one piece dresses, which often skim over all those bits we’d really rather hide! Many of our two piece bridesmaid dresses have loose, floaty skirts which are perfect for capturing today’s boho bridesmaid trend.
  • Fewer alterations (= less of your hard earned money!). Typically, skirt and top combinations are a bit more forgiving in terms of sizing. Other than ensuring the waistband on the skirt fits snugly (and with a skirt, there is room for wearing this higher or lower), you generally shouldn’t need any hip alterations. Our lace tops are designed to be worn tucked in or out of the skirt, so again don’t need to be a perfectly snug fit.
  • Oh-so-comfy. Yup, skirt and top combos are the comfy superstars of bridesmaid apparel. With the only tight fit being on the waistline of the skirt, your best girls will be free to tear up the dance floor.
  • Options. Don’t we all love options? With our two piece bridesmaid dresses, your gals will have options galore. Choose, long sleeves, short sleeves or no sleeves at all for the lace tops. Choose short skirts, long skirts, tulle or chiffon. You can have all of your girls feeling their very best while still coordinating beautifully.

Our Pick Of The Very Best Two Piece Bridesmaid Dresses

  1. Gracie-May – Our Favourite Little Sheer Lace Top.  Available in short or long sleeves, of course.

two piece bridesmaid dresses

2. Erin. The sexiest of two piece bridesmaid dresses, with a satin cami paired with chiffon skirt. Oo-la-la.

3. Linzi Jay’s Two Piece Bridesmaid Dress in Silver. This baby has pockets. Oh yeah, you heard us.

silver two piece bridesmaid dress

4. Tallulah – Our simply drop-dead gorgeous tulle skirt, available in every colour of the rainbow. Pair with the Erin cami, or the lace Grace top as shown here.

5. Linzi Jay’s Stunning Dress and Lace Overlay Combos.

6. The Two-Tone Linzi Jay Combo

7. Clara in long – let your maids choose the top they want over Clara – cover up for church, let go for the dancing!

8. Clara in short – For an extra bit of sass

9. Sophia – our perfectly perfect chiffon skirt, in short or long.


So if you’re looking for the perfect two piece bridesmaid dresses for your girls, why not book an appointment to browse our wide selection of designs, many of which are exclusively available at The Boutique & Co.