How To Choose The Best Bridesmaid Dresses For Hot Weather

best bridesmaids dresses for hot weather

This heat wave we’re currently having in the middle of April in London (28C!!!) has plastered a permanent smile on our faces here at The Boutique & Co. The office has seen a steady run of iced caramel macchiatos and mini Magnums. And it also got us all thinking about bridesmaid dresses for hot weather! With weather patterns changing, England has been seeing some fairly hot summers over the last few years. This means that brides should take into consideration the fact that their bridesmaids may be sweltering on their wedding day. Luckily, there are plenty of options for fabulous bridesmaid dresses for hot weather that will both look gorgeous AND keep your girls cool.

1. Best Bridesmaid Dresses For Hot Weather: Leg Slits

One of the best ways to add a little breathability to your bridesmaids dress while keeping them classy is a side slit in the fabric to the knee. This ensures the skirt has some more movement to it and also lets air circulate and so ensures your bridesmaids aren’t melting into their dresses! We’ve included some of our favourites below which come with slits but you can add a side seam split to almost any of our dresses at the seamstress.

2. Best Bridesmaid Dresses For Hot Weather: Light & Floaty Fabric

The easiest way to keep your bridesmaids cool at your summer or destination wedding is to ensure you choose a light and floaty fabric. For weddings where you’re expecting temperatures to soar we usually recommend avoiding the velvet dresses and looking instead and light chiffon dresses.

3. Best Bridesmaid Dresses For Hot Weather: Removable Lace Overlays

Another gorgeous option is a two-part dress. Your bridesmaids can rock the lace top for the church ceremony, or for a bit of warmth on their shoulders in the morning before it heats up. Then come the afternoon sun (and party!), they can strip down to the strapless dress and be cool all evening. A great option for a ceremony where the heat may get a little much or to keep the sun off your bridesmaids shoulders. There are 4 variations of the lace overlay for this dress so you can combine mix and match bridesmaids too!

Are you considering what to dress your bridesmaids in for hot weather? Why not make an appointment at The Boutique & Co. (London’s best kept bridesmaid dress secret!) and let us lend your our expert advice.