Monthly Archives: July 2018

Bridesmaids Dresses for Winter Weddings

Bridesmaids Dresses for Winter Weddings Bridesmaids dresses for winter weddings can be harder to find then those for summer weddings.  As a high proportion of  the weddings that take place in the UK each year take place within the same 13week stretch between May and September many bridesmaids dresses are tailored towards the spring/summer styles […]

Velvet Bridesmaids Dresses – Perfect for Winter Weddings

Velvet Bridesmaids Dresses We love velvet bridesmaids dresses for winter weddings, a beautiful, elegant, luxurious fabric that you’d struggle to wear in the summer comes into it’s own for winter weddings.  Particularly for December weddings in venues adorned with Christmas decorations velvet dresses in stunning deep jewel tones make for the perfect bridesmaids dresses. One […]

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