Luxury Floral Bridal Robes

Floral bridal robes – a year in the making

It’s been almost a year since we first discussed print patterns with Matchimony for the new range of luxury floral bridal robes we were collaborating on! After much um-ing and ah-ing, we managed to whittle it down to 4 gorgeous prints that we all loved. Then came the tense wait on production, until one day an exciting delivery arrived at The Boutique (although truth be told, we have almost daily exciting deliveries of pretty things!).

Actually seeing them in the flesh was soooo exciting. The silk satin of these floral bridal robes is just stunning, and so gorgeous against your skin. We’re not quite sure whether the pink floral or blue floral is our favourite print, or perhaps we just need one of each!

Of course, as with all Matchimony bridal dressing gowns, you can get these beautiful floral bridal robes personalised in either diamanté or foil. The foil personalising (Bride, Mrs, Bridesmaid etc.!) has been sooo popular, and we can see why as it’s simply stunning. Our favourite combination is rose gold foil over the pink floral print, and silver foil over the blue floral print. Both such gorgeous pairings.

We were super excited when Louise from bloved asked to borrow our pink floral bridal robe for a photoshoot she was organising. Getting these beauties out into the big wide world so brides-to-be can know about their gorgeousness is top of our priorities!  And the photos that came back are absolutely stunning.

The pink floral bridal robe is worn over some seriously gorgeous (and sexy!) lingerie by Wonderbra. What an incredibly feminine and beautiful pairing.

pink floral bridal robe

pink floral bridal robe

pink floral bridal robe

pink floral bridal robe


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You can see more of the floral bridal robes from Matchimony that we stock under our dressing gowns page here . Or pop into the shop in Fulham, West London to see these beauties for yourself. But however you spin it – you need one of these robes for your wedding morning, wedding night, and honeymoon.


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