How to find your wedding dress at a sample sale

Wondering how to find your dream wedding dress at a sample sale? Look no further! Our top tips are right here. Whatever your reason for looking in a sample sale – if you need a dress in a short timeframe or what to get a bit of a bargain a sample sale is a great way to find a wedding dress!

Affordable wedding dresses

Sample sales can be amazing places to pick up an incredible wedding dress at a fraction of the price. Most samples will be reduced to 50% or perhaps even less than the original price. That said don’t get swept up in “well it would have been £4000 but now it’s only £2000!” Set your budget before you start looking and don’t forget to cost in alterations. Most bridal boutiques samples will be a size 16 or similar so if you need a different size you’ll need to take it to a seamstress to have it altered. A dress can be taken down by 3 sizes (and bridal sizing generally comes up quite small anyway!) so don’t be put off that it might not be your size and will need some alterations.

Shopping at a Sample Sale

At a bridal sample sale there will usually only be one of each dress – so if you’re going after a specific dress try and get an appointment first thing in the morning so you don’t miss out! If you’re open to ideas but fall in love with a dress at the sample sale you’re going to have to be prepared to part with your cash on the day! If you leave to go and think about the dress the bride with the appointment after you may love the same dress and purchase it leaving you to miss out. So if you’ve found the one – snap it up!

Advantages of a Sample Sale

Well I think we’ve already listed them, but as a summary!

  • Affordable dresses – if you’re on a budget it’s the easiest way to get your dream dress at a fraction of the cost!
  • Short turnaround time – if you need a dress in a couple of months you’ll get to leave a sample sale with your dress just leaving you alterations to do. Easy!