Where can you get a wedding dress in less than six months?

Need a wedding dress in less than six months?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone!  We get lots of brides here looking for a wedding dress for their wedding which is less than six months away.  Many traditional wedding shops require at least six months to order and alter a wedding dress for your wedding day but if you have less time then this you do still have a couple of options and we’ve made it a priority to give you as many options as possible.

At The Boutique & Co. our favourite option is the fact that for a small fee of just £40 our selection of Jasmine Collection and Jasmine Couture wedding dresses can be rushed through in just 7 or 9 weeks! Allowing for a few weeks grace period (for you to choose a dress first off!) and to have alterations done we can ensure you have the perfect dress to wear in just three months!  To see more about our selection of wedding dresses at our London bridal boutique click here.  Our Jasmine dresses are versatile with mix and match options and have a really good range of dresses.   Our Bianco Evento gowns tend to be more simple and elegant but are generally available within 6 weeks which is perfect for rush options better yet there isn’t a rush charge on this!

Alternatively many people will suggest a sample sale which certainly has some huge benefits though there are also some downsides.  Sample sales tend to happen outside of the “peak season” for wedding dress shopping and generally sell off discontinued samples, which are often the dresses that didn’t sell well in the last 1-2years so the key is timing when trying to find the one at a sample sale.  Our guide on how to find your perfect wedding dress at a sample sale is here.  You can also get some absolute steals at sample sales with dresses being reduced by 50% or sometimes even more from the standard retail price.  Typically most shops will have samples in store of a size 14-16 so you may find you need to get some alterations done to make sure it fits – this can be quite considerable if you need to take it down 3 sizes but if you need a dress in a hurry you’ll get to walk away with it that day!

So whatever your preference or timescale why not get in touch and book a free bridal appointment to discuss your options and try on some dresses!