How to Get a Bespoke Wedding Dress For Under £1500

So You Want a Bespoke Wedding Dress But Don’t want to pay £3000+?

bespoke wedding dress in london

Are you looking for a bespoke wedding dress? Well, you probably already know how much we love Jasmine Bridal. Their styles and quality are fantastic and offer great value, their customer service is second to none, and their turnaround times are pretty amazing (have you read our post about how to find your dream wedding dress with less than 6 months until wedding?!)

But what you may not know is that they also offer an awesome customisation service where you can change almost anything on your chosen dress style, or even create a new dress from your own designs!

Bespoke Wedding Dress Options 

What an extra long, cathedral length train? Done. Or you hate trains and just want it lopped off completely? No problem!

Love the neckline of one dress but the floaty skirt on another? Of course, we can do that!

bespoke wedding dress in london

We can add or remove beading and sequins, change the lace if you prefer a different style, add buttons all the way down the back. We can add sleeves to a dress style that doesn’t have them. You can add a lace jacket (hello Duchess of Cambridge!) to go over the top of your dress. With Jasmine, the sky is pretty much the limit!

We are so excited about this service from one of our absolute favourite wedding dress brands, we literally can’t stop talking about it.

Getting Your Bespoke Wedding Dress Right in the first place

Now of course, quite a few of these options are things that an experienced seamstress could do to your dress after you receive it from the manufacturer (you can read all about our partner alternations company here – they are pretty awesome). However trust us when we say, the cost of this can very quickly add up! The cost for tweaking your dress before it is made just for you by Jasmine are fairly minor – for example

And doesn’t it make sense to just make the dress exactly as you want it in the first place?

bespoke wedding dress in london

We have a wide selection of Jasmine’s gorgeous wedding dresses available for you to try in our shop, so why not book an appointment to come see them for yourself and we can show you all the amazing services offered by Jasmine bridal to create your bespoke wedding dress.