When Should I Order My Bridesmaid Dresses

When should I order my bridesmaid dresses

This is a question we often get: “when should I order my bridesmaid dresses?” Or the close alternative, “what is the latest I can leave it to order my bridesmaid dresses?”.

When Should I Order My Bridesmaid Dresses

There are a few things to consider here, but this would be our advice:

When should I order my bridesmaids dresses?

  • Most bridesmaid dress manufacturers have lead times of 12-14 weeks. This is because each dress is made to order, so is put in a queue with other orders. They may need to dye your fabric just for you if it is not one of their most frequently chosen colours. Small hand beaded details will take time to be added. So count on about a 3 month order to delivery time.
  • Are your bridesmaids all local? Or do they live spread out across the country (or even the world!)? IF they are spread out, allow yourself time to get the dresses to them. We can of course post dresses, but many brides like to get all their bridesmaids together to try on the dresses once they arrive. 
  • Will you need alterations? You should probably expect, at a minimum, to have to hem the dress. Most bridesmaid dresses are made quite long to ensure they are long enough for taller bridesmaids in heels. Allow about 2 weeks for this (and it’s a good idea to get a local seamstress lined up to take on your dress, as they can get busy in wedding season!)
  • So, added all together, that would mean about 4 months. 
  • Plus, you really want to leave a little padding in case of any issues. Our advice therefore would be to place your order about 5-6 months before the wedding. 
When Should I Order My Bridesmaid Dresses

When is the latest I can leave it to order my bridesmaids dresses?

  • This often comes up when brides have bridesmaids who are planning to lose weight before the wedding, or perhaps are pregnant/due to have a baby.
  • Again, this question has a few different answers. Our first would be, if you have found the dress you love and want to order, go with the timeframe above. There is no point leaving it to the point where you may be facing rush charges. Or even be too late to order from a certain brand, as not all offer a rush option.
  • If you have bridesmaids who are planning to lose weight, this can be accommodated during the alterations. Dresses can be taken in by up to 3 dress sizes. 
  • For bridesmaids who are pregnant/due to have a baby, their size/shape will change so much that even leaving it until say 3 months before the wedding you will still not be able to get an accurate measurement. The best approach here is to order a dress quite a few sizes larger than her normal measurements and have it taken in.

So there is our advice. And in particular, if you have lots of time at the moment, don’t waste it! Get it ticked off your list, and sit back and relax knowing you won’t be facing rush charges or stress later on! To see our full range of bridesmaids dresses click here and do get in touch if you’d like to visit our London bridesmaids dress shop.