Can I have dark green bridesmaids dresses for my summer wedding?

best bridesmaids dresses for hot weather

Well, firstly its your wedding so YES – you can have anything you want!! But okay you also want it to look good, I get it! Dark Green – often called hunter green, forest green, emerald or shamrock has been so popular with our brides lately. I have to say we have a few hunter green (dark green) samples in store and they do look so elegant and rich.

So how do you make such a dark colour so summery? Firstly this depends on the cut of your dress – if you go for a dress with one shoulder, strapless or a cut out back perhaps there is no way a slightly more skin baring dress doesn’t look like it was made to be worn in summer! If you go for long sleeves in a hunter green in may start to look a bit wintery.

Another way to brighten dark green into the summer is with your florals, if you go for bouquets filled with white florals and green foliage you will have a stunning contrast to the dark green dresses brightening it up beautifully for your summer wedding!

Standing outside in the sunshine on the lawn, white florals in hand – dark green dresses are going to look absolutely STUNNING at your wedding – whats more the ushers and groom are going to be delighted to wear a dark green tie and pocket square! So what are you waiting for? Pop in and see us and find your dream bridesmaids dresses today!

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