Junior Bridesmaids – Bridging the gap between adult bridesmaids and flower girls

If you have a bridesmaid between the ages of 10 and 17 it can be really hard to find something for them to wear. At 15 for example you don’t require the cups and boning support that comes in many of the adult sizes yet you probably would want to wear the adult dress (or at least something very similar depending on the cut of it!) There are limited options available for teenage bridesmaids but at The Boutique & Co. we’ve found quite the solution!

Many of our bridesmaids dresses from our adult range are available in junior sizing – this runs from J04-J16 and all the styles can come in floor length, knee length or tea-length. The dresses have the cups and boning removed and have cut outs filled in to make them age appropriate. We can also make other customisations to ensure all the bridesmaids fill comfortable in the dresses.

For example the above dress we recently had produced in junior sizing for 2 younger bridesmaids. In the adult version the lace top is sheer and you can see skin below. We requested that for the junior version the lace top was backed with a colour matching lining so that it looks like a solid lace top over the dress. The girls both felt much more comfortable but matched the adult bridesmaids!

Are you looking for Junior bridesmaids dresses? Have a look at our adult bridesmaids dresses and give us a call to discuss your options.