Why are bridal shop bridesmaids dresses more expensive than ASOS?

There is an ever growing price difference between online and the high street. Competition is tough online and you can often make purchases for a fraction of the cost however this sometimes comes with downsides particularly when you’re looking for items for your wedding. With ASOS, Boohoo and many others now offering bridesmaids dresses for £20-£50 and ours retailing around the £150-£300 mark what is it you are paying for when you shop at a bridal store?

Firstly there is the obvious – the time you spend in our store with our lovely sales team trying on dresses and drinking champagne with your bridesmaids is an experience you don’t get when ordering online. While you’re here you also get to see and touch the bridesmaids dresses you’re looking at ordering. You can check the quality – that they’re not to sheer or a cheap, unlined clingy material. You know the quality of the dress reflects the price before you order it.

In the bridal industry most of our dresses are made to order – this doesn’t mean they’re made to measure they are still made to a standard size chart but to enable us to have such a wide range of dresses in such a wide range of colours everything is made only when someone wants to purchase it. ASOS on the other hand make in bulk and sell from stock – this does mean they can deliver quicker than us however you will sacrifice colour options for that luxury. Most online retailers selling bridesmaids dresses will stick to a core colour palette of 4-6 colours whereas we have 30-40 per brand!

The quality of the dresses is usually better in store too – the dresses are lined and tailored, fitted with cups and boning structure to create the perfect fitting dress for each of your maids. It may take 3 months to deliver dresses too you but each has been carefully and beautifully made especially for your bridesmaids – it doesn’t get much better than that!

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