Pregnant Bridesmaid Dress? How To Navigate This Tricky Topic!

We frequently get brides coming to The Boutique in a bit of a panic: they have a pregnant bridesmaid and are not sure how to choose a pregnant bridesmaid dress for her! Of course you want your pregnant bridesmaid to be comfortable, happy and feel beautiful at your wedding.

Well don’t worry, this is a situation we have dealt with frequently, and there are a number of options for you.

Pregnant Bridesmaid Dresses in London

How Many Weeks Is Your Pregnant Bridesmaid?

The first thing to consider is: how many weeks pregnant will she be at the wedding? This is a big consideration, and here is our advice

  • 12 weeks pregnant or less: your pregnant bridesmaid will most likely fit into a standard bridesmaid dress. Depending on her experience (has she had a baby before and knows how her body responds?) and preference, you may wish to order one size larger than her current measurements.
  • 12 to 20 weeks pregnant: this is that tricky time when many women start gaining weight, but may not have “popped” yet. This means they are getting a bit bigger in the tummy, their boobs may have gotten bigger, but they do not yet have a significant “bump.” In this instance, probably 2 sizes bigger than their usual size would do the trick.
  • More than 20 weeks pregnant: at this point, you should probably be looking at specific maternity styles. Many of the dresses we stock can be made in a maternity version (Jasmine Bridal have a great range), where the waistline is raised to empire height and extra fabric is added in the waist band.

Asking your bridesmaid how she wants to feel on the day is also an important consideration. If she is not very far along in her pregnancy, she may not want to draw attention to her bump, instead opting for a slightly larger size.

But other women may want to show off that bump as soon as they can. In this case, opting for a maternity style, or altering an existing style to maternity (on many of our fuller bridesmaid dresses this is quite easy to do, by simply raising the waistband so it sits above the bump).

Plan For Alterations To Your Pregnant Bridesmaid Dress

Most importantly, you should plan for some alterations to your pregnant bridesmaid dress. Order a dress one to three sizes larger than normal, and book a seamstress in to make the alterations as close to the wedding as possible. Having a larger dress just means the seamstress will have lots of fabric to work with.

If you’d like to bring your pregnant bridesmaid discuss all of your options with our expert team here, just pop us an email here.