Wedding Dresses Under £1000 – Our Top 5 Picks!

Let’s talk about wedding dress budgets. It’s that topic that’s a little sensitive… some brides have oodles of cash for their dress, while others are looking for a more affordable option. This may be for many reasons – whether that’s trying to keep the total cost of the wedding down, or perhaps choosing to invest more money in that amazing photographer. Whatever your reason, there are plenty of truly beautiful wedding dresses under £1000.

Tips For Choosing Wedding Dresses Under £1000

There are a number of things to be aware of when dress shopping to help keep the overall cost down without sacrificing quality. A few top tips include:

  • Choose a dress with less beading/intricate detail. All that fine beading work must be hand-beaded, which means time, which of course equals more cost. Perhaps choose a sparkly beaded belt to jazz up a simpler dress.
  • If you’re looking for a lace dress, consider limiting the lace to the bodice only. Lace is expensive, much more expensive than satin or chiffon. Therefore a full lace dress can add to the cost considerably, and a beautiful lace bodice can have just as much impact.
  • Consider how long you really need your train to be – a longer train means more fabric means higher price. This is particularly the case for lace as lace is expensive (see above).

Looking for wedding dresses under £1000 doesn’t mean looking for a cheap wedding dress as we explain here. By following the advice above, you can really keep the cost of your wedding dress down without sacrificing on quality.

Our 5 Favourite Affordable and Luxurious Wedding Dresses

So now we know how to keep the costs down, here are a few of our absolute favourites, all retailing under £1000 at The Boutique & Co.

  1. True Bride W325. The lace – that cowl, the buttons down the back…. and THAT TRAIN. We’re a little obsessed with this dress!
wedding dresses under £1000

2. Bianco Evento Harmonia. Gorgeous on trend modern lace over a super flattering sweetheart neckline. And long sleeves, obvs.

wedding dresses under £1000

3. True Bride W331. Princess perfect styling and an exquisite back. And buttons alllllllll the way down!

wedding dresses under £1000
wedding dresses under £1000

4. True Bride W335. Old school Hollywood glamour in a beautifully soft and light chiffon.

wedding dresses under £1000
wedding dresses under £1000

5. Bianco Evento Rebeca. A modern take on lace and most gorgeously swishy skirt.

wedding dresses under £1000

So there you have our top 5 favourite wedding dresses under £1000. If you’d like to book an appointment to try these and lots of others on, please get in touch here.

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