Will Brexit Impact My Wedding?

Brexit – everyone’s least favourite topic! As our exit from the EU draws closer we all still have a number of unanswered questions – well sadly we can’t answer most of them and I’m not sure who can either! But where your wedding is concerned we can tell you what we know right now, what our plans are and what you need to be aware of.

What impact will Brexit have on my wedding dress?

When we place an order with one of our brands for your dress this goes to a US or UK based company who manufacture the dress outside of the UK and then import the dress. Most of our suppliers own their own factories outside of the EU and therefore we aren’t expecting there to be much impact on our orders coming into the country. With that in mind we are talking about the big unknown, therefore we’re advising all our brides to put in orders as early as possible and give themselves a few extra weeks in case there are delays with goods coming through the UK borders while the country adapts to new processes and procedures.

Essentially the more time you allow, the less stressful your wedding planning is going to be!

Will a No Deal Brexit impact my bridesmaids dresses?

If you have a November or December 2019 wedding and haven’t yet ordered your bridesmaids dresses we’re recommending, if you can, you take a rush option to have the dresses ship prior to the 31st of October just to avoid any potential border delays which could be caused by a no deal Brexit. While we don’t anticipate the issue being more than a possible delay, if you haven’t ordered yet then you are already working on a shorter timeframe so to avoid any unnecessary stress in the month before your wedding we’d recommend rushing your order.

If you’re planning your wedding for 2020 it shouldn’t be too much cause for concern – however there is no harm in sorting your bridesmaids dresses early! The more time you have – the less stressful it will be! We tend to have longer lead times in January-May than then rest of the year. If these are increased by a delay by Brexit too we could be looking at an average of 4 months for bridesmaids dresses to be delivered. Therefore if you can, get your girls together before Christmas and get them sorted early!

A final word on Brexit…

It’s probably not going to be the final word! Brexit is forever changing, evolving and developing. We’re in regular communication with our suppliers and if anything changes from our end – we’ll pass that information straight on to our customers.