Wedding Dress Sample Sale

We’re hosting a bridal sample sale this September! On the 14th-15th and 20th-22nd of September we will have a selection of hugely discounted samples on sale. Our sample sales are appointment only so please get in touch to book! We have samples from Jasmine Collection, Jasmine Couture and True Bride starting at £350 and rising to £550. The RRP of the dresses is £1050-£2400.

If you’re thinking about buying your dress at a sample sale then read our guide below.

Sample Sales are becoming one of the most popular and effective ways in which to find your dream dress however if you’re planning to go to a sample sale to find ‘The Dress’ it can feel a little daunting at first.  

The benefit of shopping at a sample sale is the significant discounts on the gowns however the large number of brides that will attend can cause you to wonder how you will possibly find The Gown and if you can enjoy the experience.

Our number one rule for shopping at a sample sale is to shop smart! Be prepared and be aware of what your objective is.

Don’t forget though sample sales are usually selling the ‘last one’ so if you fall in love with a dress you will need to be prepared to buy it on the day!

If you’re booked into our sample sale you need to think about your plan for the day – ideally you should bring with you one or two people whose opinions you trust and who can remain level headed and honest. Though bringing all your bridesmaids may seem like a fun day out for the bridal party this can lead to many differing opinions which may be distracting in a busy environment.  When shopping for a wedding dress whether at a sample sale or not you need to stay true to what you feel comfortable in so don’t try to accommodate everyone’s views and suggestions. The key to finding your gown at a Sample Sale is staying focussed and being wholly decisive.

Before attending a Sample Sale we recommend you research specific dress styles and shapes which you love and feel will suit you. Though once trying on dresses this can change, entering with an idea of what you want will help you to make a beeline for particular dresses. We ask our brides to think of dresses in your wardrobe which you know you look fabulous in and what shape they are, whether it be A line or fitted, this can give you a good idea of what to expect.  For example if you love fitted dresses you might love a fishtail wedding dress.  Though if you are unsure, trying on differing styles to eliminate them or discover a newfound love for them is always beneficial!

At a Sample Sale, though the gowns will be largely reduced, you will still have a budget. Ensure you stick to this if it is strict and avoid trying on gowns which are out of this budget if you know you cannot spend more. It can be very disheartening trying on a gown which you fall in love with, then checking the price tag and being disappointed. 

The main benefit of a sample sale is all the gorgeous designer gowns at a fraction of the price however there is only one of each of the gowns so there may be other brides interested in the same gown as you. If you’ve tried it on, adore it and feel like it’s the one, don’t take the risk of popping it back on the rail, just go for it! 

At a Sample Sale there will be a variety of sizes available. As wedding gown sizes are entirely different from high street sizes, it is unlikely you will be the same size as you would be in a high-street shop, so do bear this in mind when trying gowns on. Though none may fit perfectly the dress shop should be able to recommend you an excellent seamstress.  If you love a gown but it is too big, don’t worry, as an experienced bridal seamstress can take it down to fit you perfectly! If you are unsure ask a member of staff as they will be able to advise from experience. In this same respect, if you fall in love with a gown but it is a little too snug, you may be able to get it taken out to fit you perfectly, though again, it is best to consult a member of staff about this and seek their expert advice to ensure it is possible as each dress will vary.

So pop along to the sample sale with an open mind and ready to purchase and you never know, you might just find the one!

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