Coronavirus: The effects on your wedding.

As the media attention surrounding Coronavirus’ effect on the wedding industry intensifies we’d like to update you with the current effects on our business and whether you should be concerned. Our stance at The Boutique & Co. is to be cautious and prepared but without unnecessary concern. To put simply – the situation is not as dire as the media would have you believe.

Is wedding dress production being affected by Coronavirus?

Yes to some extent but it hasn’t ground to a halt! Like everything, dresses are produced globally so there has been, and is, some effect to the supply chain. Every store will be different – our suppliers suffered delays to dress production in January and February as many of the factories in Asia remained closed for a few weeks however they are now open again and producing dresses. In February we suspended all rush orders however on many brands these have now been re-instated. We are advising brides to order as soon as possible to give themselves as much time as possible.

The important information is – you can still order a wedding dress or bridesmaids dress and expect it to arrive on time! But please give yourself as long as possible to avoid unnecessary stress.

Currently, we are taking orders on 2021 weddings and even still with July/August 2020 weddings. Our advice to anyone with a 2020 wedding still looking for a wedding dress or for their bridesmaids dresses is to order as soon as possible. The current lead times vary from brand to brand. You have the option to order our bridesmaids dresses so you can and try them on in your own home. We would then just simply ask to take your own measurements.

How is the UK situation affecting deliveries?

At the moment while there is a lockdown in the UK, it is not causing any issues currently, orders are still coming in but we are working from home as our shops had to close within the parameters of the lockdown.

At the present time we don’t see any reason for customers with orders in production to be overly concerned about the delivery of their dress.

So what about brides who haven’t ordered yet? Our advice is to get your order in as soon as possible, it’s a changeable situation and right now we’re confident in our suppliers that they will be delivering in time.

How The Boutique & Co. is managing the situation

We are currently working remotely from home. We do monitor our emails daily and can still process and dispatch orders.

For those who have already ordered with us or are thinking of placing an order with us we are in constant communication with our suppliers. We have sorted our order list by wedding date and expected delivery date and frequently check on the progress of any upcoming weddings or orders due so that we can keep our customers updated as much as possible regarding the delivery of their dresses.

We are also offering refunds on appointment fees is you’re unable to attend your appointment due to government imposed travel restrictions. So you can book your appointment without concern that you’ll be out of pocket if the situation in the UK changes.

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