Summer 2020 Wedding? What are your options.

how long does it take to order a wedding dress?
COVID-19 is somewhat disrupting the UK and European wedding industry and that might be putting it lightly. So if you have a 2020 wedding what are your options?

April and May 2020 Weddings

If you have an April or May wedding I suspect by now you should have everything purchased and in place for the day. I am afraid for now it’s nothing more than wait and see what happens. With any luck this won’t be as bad as some keyboard warriors will have us believe. Try and stick to factual news outlets and focus on what is happening not the rumours of what might happen.

June and July 2020 Weddings

If you have a June or July wedding your predicament maybe even harder, if you’ve not yet ordered your bridesmaids dresses or had an appointment coming up in the next few weeks where does that leave you now? Current lead times would suggest you need to order pretty quickly but due to government restrictions now in place shops are currently closed. The The Boutique & Co, we now offer to send you bridesmaids dresses to your home so you can try them on. Find out more here.

We also advise ordering bridesmaids dresses for August and September weddings as soon as possible. With the current lead times, and without paying any rush fee, we are facing the end of June begging of July for delivery so while you may be inclined to wait it could end up costing you more in the long run.