Need bridesmaids dresses quickly?

Have you had to delay your bridesmaids dress shopping and now find yourself on quite a short time line? Did you hold fire over the COVID-19 crisis and now it’s looking like your wedding will go ahead after all? Whatever your reason if you’re in need of bridesmaids dresses and quickly we’ve still got options for you!

Lead times fluctuate – at the time of writing all the below lead times were accurate but as this depends on the factories schedule and availability of fabrics this can change from time to time. If you are in need of bridesmaids dresses quickly we recommend you drop us an email with your wedding date and any other considerations – such as colour or style preference and we can send you back available options and when you’d need to order by.

Generally you need to have at least 2 months to go until your wedding if you’re going to order your bridesmaids dresses at The Boutique & Co. If you’ve got less time than that still get in touch but it really will depend on how busy the factory is and if they can squeeze your order in. Even if you do have two months be prepared for it to be tight, our quickest turn around is around 7 weeks from order to delivery to you, which means you’ll have a week for alterations (which is enough time if you book your slot in with a seamstress ahead of time) still it’s not the most relaxed way to buy bridesmaids dresses with it being so tight so we definitely don’t recommend leaving it this late. However if circumstances out of your control have got us here all is not lost.

So which beautiful styles can you get on a rush order? Jasmine offer a super rush on any non-lace styles so we’ve just added more styles to our collection without lace on them so you’ve got even more choice on this super speedy service. The cost of super rush (March 2020) is £35 per dress.

Our favourite Jasmine bridesmaids styles available quickly

Jasmine isn’t our only brand with shorter lead times, Angel have fairly quick lead times generally and can rush dresses through depending on factory availability. It’s more a case by case with Angel and rush orders, it depends on the dress and the colour preference but with a general lead time of around 8 weeks (this fluctuates throughout the year so please contact us for us to date lead times) if you’ve got a little over 2 months you should be okay!

Our favourite angel dresses available quickly

Last but not least we also have the True Bride essentials collection – available in 6-10 weeks in their top 10 selling colours.

Our True Bride Essentials Bridesmaids dresses available quickly

So whatever the reason if you need bridesmaids dresses on a shorter timescale that most don’t worry there are still some options. Get in touch today to book your appointment.