How To Order Bridesmaids Dresses From Home

Going shopping for bridesmaids dresses at the moment could be quite intense to plan. Not only getting all your friends together at the same time but also Covid-19 is not making it any more manageable. 

So we thought why not offer a bridesmaids dress delivery service? 

We offer now to send out bridesmaids dresses that you like to try on with the colour chart so you can find the perfect dress for your bridesmaids. We also give you a step by step guide “How To Take Your Measurements” on hand so that sizing won’t be a problem at all. Want to know how you can order bridesmaids dresses from home?

Here is how it works:

  1. You select the dresses that you like the most from the dresses, you can find here (you can order up to 5 dress)
  2. We will make them ready to be shipped to you with the colour chart that the dresses are available in 
  3. You try them on at home with your friends and some bubbles 
  4. When you have found the dresses and colour, you like the most we would ask you to take the measurements
  5. Send the dresses back to us, and we will process the order 

Jasmine – P206001

Jasmine – P216056

velvet bridesmaid dresses

Jasmine – B203065

Jasmine – B223015

True Bride

True Bride

Find now all our bridesmaids dresses here and choose your favourite to order and try on at home!

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