Bridesmaids Dresses For Small Weddings

Another month, another lockdown. Lockdown 2.0. A bit less frightening now as we know what we’re in for, and we know we can get through it and come out the other side. But there’s no doubt that small weddings will be “du jour” for a while longer. So you’ve settled for a (beautiful) intimate wedding – and now you’ve started wondering about bridesmaids’ dresses for small weddings?

How to choose your bridesmaid dresses for small weddings

The main thing to consider in choosing your bridesmaid dresses for your intimate wedding is, well, that it will be a small wedding.

So probably your pins of 8 bridesmaids in ombre shades of dusky pink have been binned. You’ve probably cut your wedding party down to just one or two of your closest bridesmaids. So what should they now wear? Do they need to match?

Bonus budget for bridesmaids dresses!

One of the advantages of having a small wedding is that all of a sudden your budget is stretching an awful lot further. When you’re no longer paying for 200 heads at your venue, you can afford to splash out a little bit more on your bridesmaids’ dresses.

So, should they match?

Well if you’ve only got 15 guests two of them wearing the same dress might not work but there are all sorts of options on how to do this, they could have the same dress in slightly different (but complimentary colours!) or your bridesmaids could go for different dresses in the same colour.

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