Wedding Dress Shopping Online/At Home

We launched our bridal at home service in January 2021 as we were getting so many emails from stressed 2021 brides wondering how they were going to order a wedding dress in time.

With the current lockdown restrictions looking like they will be here for a while but optimism that 2021 weddings will go-ahead many brides face the dilemma of needing a dress but not being able to go to bridal shops due to lockdown. As you may know by now wedding dresses generally take anywhere from 4-8 months to arrive once ordered, usually, September-December is our busiest time in-store in preparation for the following year. January is also a fairly busy month but already brides sometimes find themselves facing rush charges on certain styles and lines, so knowing our brides couldn’t wait until March or April when we’re hoping we’ll be open we decided to take the shop on the road! We’ll deliver the dresses (contact-free) to your door for a 1-hour try-on session. You can find out more about our service here: Wedding Dresses at Home.

The first of our appointments took place over the last 2 weeks and so we just had to ask our brides for their feedback:

What made you purchase/look now? Are you concerned about your wedding going ahead?

The main reason is not knowing when the lockdown will end and if I would have time to find my dress in a limited time. Definitely worried it won’t go ahead but trying to stay positive!

Prior to your appointment did you have any concerns about wedding dress shopping at the moment?

I understand all precautions are taking place to ensure safety but it was definitely a worry as is not just the appointment but getting there and trying dresses on with a mask make it very difficult. 

Do you feel you still got the wedding dress shopping experience?

Yes definitely! I absolutely loved being able to try the dresses from the comfort of my own home without needing to worry about covid exposure and getting the full support via zoom to guide me and support me throughout. Definitely recommended and was beyond all expectations. I would say it is also very helpful if you have crazy working hours as we do as nurses, as you could easily book your slot and now the dresses will arrive to you!

Is there anything that would have made your dress shopping experience better? Or anything specific that impacted it?

I think considering the circumstances we live in everything was perfect. Dresses were on time and you were there to support me. I would definitely say you need someone there to help you, I don’t think I would have been able to try the dresses by myself and fit them properly, would have found it quite stressful and not sure so enjoyable!