Good Wedding Dresses For A Big Bust

While many women out there would be jealous of your predicament, finding good wedding dresses for a big bust can actually be a bit of a challenge. You will probably have visited many bridal shops already and tried on dresses that either felt like they were completely shrouding you in secrecy or the complete opposite, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

But fear not, in the hands of a good bridal expert (and yes we consider ourselves experts now having helped hundreds of women find their ideal dress!), we can find you the perfect dress to accommodate and enhance or minimise your décolletage exactly how you want.

Wedding Dresses For A Big Bust
Harmonia by Bianco Evento

What to Consider When Looking for Wedding Dresses for a Big Bust

There are many things to consider when you’re choosing your wedding dress to accommodate a large bust.

  1. Do you want to minimise or show off? This is an important question to consider. How do you feel about your bust? How do you normally dress? Do you like to show a bit of cleavage? Or do you prefer to keep them tucked away? On your wedding day, the most important piece of advice we can give you is to stay true to yourself. You want to feel like the most beautiful version of you.
  2. Do you want to wear a bra? Many dresses are designed to be worn bra-less, with good structuring inside like boning and built in bras to help keep everything in place where it should be. These structured dresses are often good wedding dresses for a big bust as you won’t then also have to
  3. Do you want to be covered up in church? Often a consideration for brides with a larger bust, they may want to have a more revealing dress for the party, but opt to cover up for the ceremony.
  4. Does your mother/in-law have an opinion? While many brides couldn’t give a hoot, there are equally brides who do care about this. Finding a middle ground is a good way to keep everyone happy.

If You Want to Show Off

Here are some of our favourite dresses for showing off your big bust.

If You’d Rather Keep ’em Under Wraps

So you’d rather stay demure and keep your ladies covered up a bit more? Not a problem at all – we have some great options for that as well.

Adding a lace jacket or bolero is also a fantastic way to up the demure-ness of your dress (and you can always take it off at the party after!). Bianco Evento have some fantastic choices, and we have a great selection for you to try at the shop.

So however you imagine yourself (and your bust!) on your day, we have lots of fantastic options for you. If you’d like to come see us for an appointment!