Why we are positive for Summer 2021 Weddings

March 2020 seems like an awfully long time ago now doesn’t it? Fast forward almost 12 months, and here we are STILL in lockdown, schools closed, haven’t seen friends in months, parties? forget about it! But you know what? Can you keep a secret? We’re pretty psyched for the summer. Why? No, we don’t have a direct line to Boris. Nor do we have a crystal ball. But we’ve got a good feeling in our bones. So here’s why we are positive for Summer 2021 Weddings.

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1. The Vaccines

The vaccine roll-out in the UK is nothing short of phenomenal. There have been many, many times over the last 12 months when we have all been rather disappointed in our government. But in developing, procuring and administering the vaccine, they have pretty much nailed it. And with ever day that goes by, and another 500k people are vaccinated, it brings us a step closer

2. The Rules!

Boy those rules have been tough. And it seems like they are getting tougher by the day! Mandatory hotel quarantine for new arrivals, £10,000 fines for rule breakers, and the police stopping anyone heading beyond just their local Tesco! But there’s a reason the latest restrictions have been getting harder, and it goes hand in hand with all of those vaccines being administered.

We are edging closer and closer to winning this battle, and the government is now willing to take measures they failed to take a year ago. Because they will do everything they can to make sure those vaccines work and get us all back to where we want to be. Notice there haven’t been any empty promises of “back to normal by Christmas?” That’s because our government now recognises what it has to do to get us “back to normal”, and isn’t afraid to make those hard decisions.

3. The Economy and Summer 2021 Weddings

Ultimately, we simply can’t afford to keep schools closed, businesses shuttered and employees on furlough at the expense of the skyrocketing national debt forever. The government knows this, and they are working on a balance of risk. They are determined that Lockdown 3.0 will be our last, which is why it has been harder and longer than those that came before. It is also working, with case rates dropping by 25% every week. And every week that passes, another 3+ million people are vaccinated, the new infections are dropping dramatically, and we are discovering new and better ways of treating those people who do still get sick.

Why we are positive for Summer 2021 Weddings

So all indicators really are pointing towards the UK being in a much better place come this summer. Will we be allowed huge, 300 person weddings? Quite possibly not. But smaller, more intimate weddings of 30-50 like last summer? We think there’s a very realistic chance of this. So if you have a Summer 2021 Wedding planned, now is definitely the time to book an appointment (have you seen our new COVID secure home wedding dress appointment service??) to find your dress, as wedding dress delivery timelines are still running at around 4 months.