How do you know which wedding dress will suit you?

While we’re patiently waiting for wedding shops to reopen more and more brides are scanning Pinterest and Instagram looking for their dream dress, but how do you know which wedding dress will suit you?

It’s very easy to think a dress looks amazing on social media, it is after all photographed to look amazing but there is a big difference between a dress looking amazing in a picture and making you feel amazing. We often have brides who love the look of dresses online but hate them when they try them on. If you’ve never tried on a wedding dress before it can be hard to know what to look for.

Vergil by Aire Barcelona
Elodia by Bianco Evento

Where to start looking for wedding dresses?

We recommend starting in your wardrobe! What do you usually wear? What’s your favoured neckline? Do you favour a high neck, or a round neck t-shirt? Perhaps you prefer a V neck? This is a good place to find a neckline that you will like as you’re used to this style of neckline on yourself. If you usually wear a shirt or low V neck a boatneck wedding dress might not be for you.

To help decide which skirt you might like again think about your wardrobe, do you prefer skin-tight skinny jeans or are you a loose-fit trouser wearer? If you usually wear loose-fitting trousers or skirts you probably won’t enjoy wearing a mermaid dress.

Finally consider your venue, what style of dress does your venue lead itself towards? You may feel a small, intimate venue doesn’t lend itself to a huge princess skirt ballgown or perhaps an evening city wedding needs a glam dress?

Yanet by Luna Novias
Karma by Aire Barcelona

So, how do you know which wedding dress will suit you?

Of course, many brides go for something completely unexpected and so we would always recommend trying on a wedding dress before purchasing as many are made to order and therefore non-refundable. However, we understand many brides are now looking online and will have to order either before the end of lockdown or very quickly after so hopefully this will help ensure you don’t fall in love with pictures of a dress you don’t like on!

Quiro by Aire Barcelona

At The Boutique & Co we have two options for Summer 2021 brides still looking for their dress…

We are running our wedding dress home delivery service until April 2021 which enables you to try on dresses at home. Alternatively if you’re not based in London we’ll be reopening on the 12th of April and have already confirmed with ALL our suppliers there will be NO rush charges and we’ll be able to order wedding dresses in time for summer 2021! Book now.