What is a Bridal Trunk Show

So for those of us who eat, sleep and breathe all things wedding dresses, the idea of a trunk show is second nature. But many brides who recently got engaged might be thinking: what is a bridal trunk show?

Yamy by Luna Novias

So exactly what is a bridal trunk show?

A wedding dress trunk show is when a wedding dress shop hosts a special event, usually over a number of days, where they loan in a wide range of dresses from a specific designer to showcase their latest collection. Typically, a bridal shop might only carry a selection (around 10 dresses) from each designer’s collection. This allows us to ensure we can buy sample dresses from a range of designers and therefore have a great selection of wedding dresses in different styles. Here at The Boutique, we stock Aire Barcelona wedding dresses, Luna Novias, Bianco Evento and True Bride. So when we host a bridal trunk show, we clear our rails of all other designers and bring in lots and lots of dresses from the designer being featured.

Indiana by Aire Barcelona

Why should I go to a bridal trunk show?

Attending a trunk show is a great idea if you’ve fallen in love with a particular designer but want to try lots of dresses from their latest collection. They’re also usually super fun, as most shops (including us of course!) make a bit of a special weekend of it. We often offer trunk show only special offers, and there’s generally just a little bit of extra sparkle in the air!

Yago by Luna Novias

How can I prepare for a trunk show?

One of the most important things to remember if you’re heading to a trunk show is that this might be the only chance to try on these dresses. The shop will be loaning the dresses in from the designer, and may not be able to do so again (within your wedding timelines).

So come prepared to find the one! What does that mean? Make sure you have your trusted friend/mum/maid, either there at the appointment or ready on FaceTime (thank you COVID!). This is also good to remember as typically any trunk show special offers will be valid for that weekend only.

And the best thing: We have two upcoming Trunk Show planned! We will host a Luna Novias Trunk Show in April AND an Aire Barcelona Trunk Show in May! Don’t miss out and book now. We can’t wait to see you soon!