What Veil to Wear with Your Wedding Dress – The Ultimate Guide to Find the Right Style and Length

Deciding what veil you like to wear with your wedding dress is a major and sometimes intimidating decision. With veil styles names ranging from birdcage to elbow-length over cathedral-length, it seems that there is so much more than just deciding if you want a short or a long veil. Different types of veils and lengths can completely transform your wedding dress.

We have created the ultimate guide to help you finding the right length and style for you.

Wedding Veil by Length and Style 

We offer a wide range of veils to go with your wedding dress. If you have your heart set on a heavily beaded veil or a classic simple lace one, she makes your dreams come true.

What Length and what Style?

Bird Cage 4-9”. A birdcage veil is a full veil that sits further back towards the crown of your head. The veil can cover just the eyes, skim the nose or fall at the jawline. Usually made of a net or lace.

Elbow Length veil S7

Elbow 31′‘. As the name suggests, this veil end on elbow-length. It is an elegant way to cover up without wearing a bulky bolero or shrug.

Finger Tip Veil S 383

Fingertip 45”. A fingertip length veil is an extremely versatile wedding veil. With a length and shape that lends itself to most wedding dress designs.

Floor Length Veil S 361

Floor 79”. – A floor-length veil just grazes the floor and matches the length of the bride’s gown.

Chapel Length Veil S 251

Chapel 97′‘. If your dress has no train the chapel length is the perfect one to go for. A chapel-length veil will create the illusion of a train, without any pesky bustling required.

Cathedral Length Veil S 347

Cathedral 115”. A cathedral-length veil extends beyond the train and is the best to guarantee a dramatic walk down the aisle look.

What Style?

What style of veil you like to wear with your wedding dress always depends on your dress. All our veils come in different lengths and styles. This gives the best way to get a complimenting veil for your gown. They range from very delicate to ones with a lot of embellishment or beaded lace up to sparkle veil. If you like to get an appointment with one of our highly trained team book your appointment now.

The average lead times on our veils are 3-4 weeks. If you are in a hurry to get one please pop us in an email or give us a call. Everything is possible here in the Boutique!

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