When should I start wedding dress shopping for my 2022 wedding?

So, finally, it seems like we might be nearing the end of the COVID lockdowns and as we look towards summer 2021 with the hope that weddings will resume with more than 30 guests it’s also time to start thinking about those 2022 brides who perhaps booked a venue and then put planning on hold during the pandemic and continued uncertainty. So 2022 brides, it’s your time! At last. When should you start looking for your wedding dress for your 2022 wedding?

If you’re marrying in spring/summer 2022 you want to start looking fairly soon, we usually see a lot of brides purchasing their gowns between July and October. If you’re late summer/autumn 2022 between August and December. We recommend if possible you order before the end of the year, while it is still possible in January your options will be limited as some dresses will have too long a lead time and cannot be rushed, others have costly rush charges which you can avoid just by starting shopping a little earlier.

It may seem like it’s very early but there are a few reasons as to why. Wedding dresses take a long time to be made, all dresses are made to order – which is how we’re able to offer you so many options because there isn’t a huge amount of stock sat somewhere. Most dresses take between 4-5 months depending on the suppliers capacity, if they have a rush of orders they can sometimes take longer to get the dress to us. When we place the order we will receive an estimated ship date – when they expect to send the dress to us. We’ll pass this information on to you so you’ll know when to expect your dress.

Another reason to order earlier – if you’re having bridesmaids you’ll probably want to find your dress before the bridesmaids but bridesmaids dresses are also made to order and take 3-4 months to come in. They can be harder to agree on too as you have 4-5 girls who all need to agree on a date to go dress shopping and then a dress. So you want to leave yourself plenty of time to order bridesmaids dresses too.

You need to leave time for alterations – don’t count back 5 months from your wedding to the date you need to order by! You’ll need ideally around 8 weeks for the alterations process, this can be done quicker when needed but if you’re reading this with plenty of time and want a nice relaxed experience allow yourself another 2 months from your dress arriving to the wedding.

It’s wise to leave time for delays. It doesn’t happen to every dress but sometimes there can be a delay in the fabric arriving or the dress gets delayed in shipping. We highly recommend allowing another month for delays – just in case because it’s better to buy your dress earlier than you planned than be stressed the month before your wedding when your dress is late! If there are any unexpected delays they will be much less stressful a good few months before your wedding than they will be in the run-up.

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