When to order your 2022 wedding dress?

One of the main questions we get every single year is: when do I have to order my dress? Can I wait until 5 months before the wedding? It’s always been hard for us to give a specific date when a dress would need to be ordered because delivery dates are subject to demand. If everyone waits until 5 months before their wedding delivery times will increase because most weddings in the UK happen over a 13 week period in the summer. Therefore there would be a surge of orders in January and we would struggle to get the dress here in time.

Our beautiful bride Ellen found her dress on her first appointment!

As always our recommendation is to order your dress when you find “the one”. Although it may feel early if you start looking early you could be saving yourself a lot of stress and money down the line. Often dresses can be rushed to get here in time (though not always) however this does increase the cost. As often does rushing alterations. Another thing to bear in mind is the stress of picking up your dress or it arriving with us. If your dress arrives in plenty of time then this isn’t a concern however if you’re dress is arriving close to your wedding date this quickly becomes stressful.

Lovely Emma went to a couple of shops and already lost hope til she found her dress with us!

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that we really do not know what is around the corner. I think now we can all agree that things won’t be going fully back to normal any time soon and we’re in the new normal. COVID is very much still a consideration but thankfully, for now at least, it’s not impacting weddings in the UK and we hope that will stay. That said it doesn’t mean UK brides won’t still feel the effects of COVID. This week many of our suppliers based in Vietnam were informed their factories would remain closed for a further 2-3 weeks at a minimum. This is already impacting 2022 ship dates as orders aren’t being produced and so are backing up.

Our beloved co-found Tori had the make the tough decision which dress in our shop would be hers!

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We usually recommend ordering with 9 months to go to the wedding at a minimum, 12 for a completely stress-free experience. While we can source dresses quicker than this, why stress yourself if you don’t have to?