Real Bride Stories: Claire & Nick, The Duke’s Head, Putney

How Real Bride Claire found her dream dress at The Boutique & Co and all the details from her June wedding!

One of the biggest perks from working with brides is hearing back from them about their wedding day, how much they loved their dress and seeing all the photos from their celebration! We absolutely love when our real brides tell us the stories and details from their special day. So we thought we’d share them here as well and spread the love!

Claire visited us at The Boutique & Co in December 2019, after previously having a bad bridal shopping experience elsewhere. Her wedding took place in June 2021, with the original plan for the day being rearranged due to Covid restrictions. Despite these challenges however, the ceremony sounded beautiful and Claire shared many special moments that made the day unforgettable!

Claire wore the ‘Quiana’ dress by Aire Barcelona, which is one of our favourites at The Boutique & Co. We asked Claire some questions about her wedding, so she could spill all the details and describe how she chose her dress!

Claire on her wedding day at The Duke’s Head, Putney. She wears the ‘Quiana’ dress by Aire Barcelona. Photography by Gyan Gurung.

Describe your bridal shopping experience with us

‘Amazing, attentive and personalised service. I booked at short notice after having a bad experience at the brand of dress I had longed for. This could not have been more different. Myself and my best friend, both of us being not overly girly, were given free rein of many differing styles, with the stylist giving her input and honest opinion also.

Luckily, I fell in love with the first option. Although slightly different from my dream dress, we both just loved it, as did the shop assistant, calling her manager to see! That didn’t stop me trying on at least 5 more, just for the sheer hell of it, which was encouraged.

I had a small issue with the price, so we were given hours to go away and think, then come back. We explored bridesmaid dress options and had bubbles to celebrate the purchase. We spent most of the day there, or so it felt like. They also have amazing accessory options.’

What stood out for you during your bridal shopping experience at The Boutique & Co?

‘The attentiveness and welcoming nature of the staff. Just the right level of excitement and support throughout the experience.’

Describe the moment you found your dream dress with us

‘I cried, and I am not a crier. A knowing look exchanged with my bestie; and we then knew why no other dresses had made us emotional.’

What did your partner think of your dress? How did they react when they saw you in it for the first time?

‘Very taken aback and took his breath away. He was amazed how well it fit and showcased my natural figure, truly beautiful. His words not mine.’

Claire on her wedding day, wearing the ‘Quiana’ dress by Aire Barcelona. Florals by Sophie King at The Bloomery. Photography by Gyan Gurung.

What was your wedding day like?

‘Not as it should have been, cheers COVID! However, it was much more intimate and personal. It felt like a real achievement after all we had been through to get there, and a real celebration with our closest people. We even managed to do a stunning choreographed first dance to a string quartet, playing ‘A Million Dreams’.’

What was your favourite part of your wedding day?

Claire: ‘Walking down the aisle, arm in arm with my dad, the string band playing and a few happy tears. I was thinking we’re actually doing this and eyeing my dream man at the end of the aisle.’

Nick: ‘Some alone time snatched for portraits on Putney Bridge with sun breaking through the cloud. It felt iconic and magical, enhanced by cars parting for us and horns beeping!’

Who did the photography for your wedding day?

Gyan Gurung. 10/10, I would not hesitate to recommend him, he was so fun and creative! A real joy to be around and our photos are second to none.’

Where was the venue for your wedding day?

The Duke’s Head in Putney, a riverside pub venue.’

Claire with her bridesmaids on her wedding day. Claire wears the ‘Quiana’ dress by Aire Barcelona and her bridesmaid’s dresses are by Folkster, Dublin. Photography by Gyan Gurung.

Can you name any other wedding suppliers who contributed to your wedding day?

Sophie King at The Bloomery

‘The best florist in the business, needed no direction from us.’

Hummingbird bakery

‘They did rainbow and lemon/raspberry cakes, plus personalised cupcakes.’

Wild Rose Hair

‘Candra was so friendly and down to earth. She fit me in despite a house move and a new baby. She was so warm and friendly to be around on the day. All the girls loved their hair and it just lasted so well. A solid recommendation for boho hair.’

Chiqas Music

‘The most elegant, fun, friendly, professional string band with additional singers/drummers if required, cannot recommend highly enough.’

Melkmakeup, Mel Kinsman MUA

‘She was a last minute addition and an expert in her field. She was very friendly yet professional, and stood in when others let me down. A very welcome addition.’

Buttercupbus, Camper Van hire

‘Our beautiful camper Bumble and chauffeur for the day, for our beautiful rainy drive through Richmond Park. They were very professional and accommodating when things didn’t go to plan on the day, and she looked stunning.’

Would you recommend us at The Boutique & Co to future brides?