The top concerns we hear are:

So we’ve tried to answer these questions and a few more here…

covid wedding dress shopping

You can place your order via email yes – if you’ve already been in to see us we should have your measurements on file if not we’ve a guide and handy video we can send you so you can measure yourself. All our wedding dresses are made to order so they are non-refundable, a 60% deposit is paid to place the order with the remaining due when the dress arrives with us.

The answer is yes but the options you’ll have will depend on when your wedding is planned for. For summer 2021 weddings we remain hopeful that they will be able to go ahead in some capacity however our current challenge (Jan 2021) is that we’re in another lockdown and bridal shops are unable to open. For our quickest dresses (Bianco Evento) we need about 3-4 weeks (plus another 4-8 weeks for alterations) for Aire Barcelona it’s usually somewhere between 3-6 months however we do have access to “live” availability so we’re able to tell you which styles we could get quicker in your size. The closer you leave it to the wedding date the less options you’ll have and the more it will likely cost with rush fees, however there will always be options. If you’re really in a rush we have our sample sale dresses which are ready to go that day.  

Our recommendation is even if there is doubt about when your wedding will take place order your dream dress when you find it. Your wedding will take place eventually and if you have everything prepared and your dress ordered it gives you much more flexibility and the ability to pull a wedding together in short notice should the restrictions allow.

covid wedding dress shopping

As soon as we know, you’ll know! We’re hoping we’ll get to reopen in late February 2021 but we will have to wait and see what happens between now and then, we are accepting booking on our online booking system and will reschedule any we’re unable to open for 🙂 

There are so many different scenarios at play now perhaps you had a 2021 wedding date booked but hadn’t done much else? Maybe you were supposed to marry in 2020 and postponed it to 2021? Or you’re newly engaged (congratulations!) and want to start planning but really don’t know how! For many newly engaged the idea of a big wedding and having to go through the heartache of rescheduling such as all the 2020 brides may be too much to consider, for many they’re organising all their plans for a small wedding and as soon as restrictions are lifted will book it all in.  In this instance you’d need to order your dress before you know the date as the dress lead times will be one of the longest factors. 

We can’t lie things have had to change due to COVID to keep both our staff and our customers safe the most common concerns we hear are:
Wearing a mask. You will need to wear a mask throughout the duration of your appointment and while this feels foreign at first you do get used to it. Try and focus on the fit and feel of the dress and ignore the mask. 
Not able to have my bridesmaids there. At The Boutique & Co we have limited our guest policy to 1 since we were able to reopen after the first lockdown, at times this has had to be a guest from the same household due to local restrictions. Prior to COVID we only allowed a maximum of two guests because too many opinions can ruin the shopping experience. Bridesmaids dress shopping was of course different when the bridesmaids would need to try on the dresses but we’re currently offering an at home service for bridesmaids, find out more about that here.
I didn’t get any bubbles. This was the most common feedback we had from all of our brides who purchased their dresses in autumn 2020! We’re sorry! Offering bubbles is actually very complex because of the liquor licence laws and food health and safety considerations.  Currently the law is that you must wear a mask at all times inside our shop and in our experience drinking bubbles while wearing a mask is a challenge, so for this reason and also to take some of the pressure off our staff who have an increased cleaning routine to ensure everyone visiting our store is safe we aren’t offering any bubbles in appointments.  We do however have lots of wonderful independent cafes and restaurants around us who serve beautiful brunches and lots of bubbles who we would be more than happy to recommend to you for a post shopping celebration and we are sure they would really appreciate your support. 

Thus far we have had only very minor delays caused by lockdowns and restrictions, since February 2020 we have been unaffected at the production stage too. Our recommendation as always is to order with as much time as possible if your dress is due 3 months before your wedding day a weeks delay in transit is not that stressful, if it’s due 3 weeks before it’s a very stressful experience.  To date we haven’t had any orders that haven’t arrived on time and we hope to continue this streak throughout the pandemic.

Congratulations! We’re super excited for you. I know it might seem hard right now but there is so much you can still do – you can shortlist photographers (one of the first services to get booked up!), you can view venues virtually (many couples are committing to dates without actually seeing the venue in person because they don’t want to have to wait months or years for a date), you can Pinterest and browse online for all your suppliers but what you shouldn’t do is set your heart on a dress before you’ve tried it on! We have so many brides who spend hours looking at the pictures of their “dream dress” only to be disappointed when they try it on. Remember these pictures are taken in stunning surroundings, with perfect hair and makeup, flattering lighting – all the things you’ll have on your wedding day but not necessarily at your first fitting. We recommend keeping an open mind, browse collections you like the style of rather than a specific dress so that when you come to try on the dresses you’ve not got all your hopes pinned on one dress. 

Yes, when we’re open we are limiting the number of guests in store which does make it harder to get all your bridesmaids together for a fitting.  This is to enable us to comply with social distancing in store and keep our staff safe. We are however offering a loan service so you can try on dresses in the comfort of your own home, just contact us to arrange this.
We are also still offering bridesmaids dress appointments (when we’re allowed to open) for the bride and one bridesmaid to shortlist dresses for the rest of the bridal party to try. 

On the blog

Throughout the pandemic we’ve uploaded various different posts to our blog, we have on occasion gone back and edited some of these but not all of them so please don’t judge our optimism last March that summer 2020 weddings may still go ahead (they did to some extent but certainly not on the scale we would normally imagine) hindsight is such a wonderful gift!

We’ve tried to cover various topics such as smaller weddings, short lead times and other concerns that many of our brides have voiced to us. We hope that within the information here you may find something useful.