An introduction to bridesmaid dresses

Congratulations- You’re engaged to be married! What an exciting time you have ahead. Planning and preparing for a very special, once in a lifetime day!

You may have only just begun jotting some thoughts down, or perhaps you’ve already started booking things. Perhaps you’ve paid the deposit on the venue, or even luckier, found that perfect dress?! No matter where you are in your planning process, we want to help you at The Boutique. That is why we have written The Definitive Guide to London Bridesmaid Dresses. London is a big big place and there are so many London bridal shops to go to. But time is precious when you’re planning a wedding. You have venues to hunt down, caterers to meet, cakes to taste and wedding dresses to try on! We want to help you narrow down that choice. You will soon see why coming to The Boutique will solve all your bridesmaid dress problems!

A little gift from us here at The Boutique to you!

How to start looking for your London bridesmaid dresses?

The whole process of choosing those all-important bridesmaid dresses in London can be frankly overwhelming. We often find that brides put it last on their list of ‘things to do’ just to avoid the pain of choosing such an important element of the day. Choosing the right bridesmaid dress is important as it can really influence the tone and atmosphere on the day. The colour and style you pick should allow the guests to get a pretty good impression of your unique style. It will also set the overall feel or theme of your big day, so you know, no pressure and all.

It’s helpful to be open to a change of opinion. It’s not always that things go exactly to plan. You might love a particular shade of purple for your bridesmaid dresses but find it impossible to find. Never mind matching it with anything else. So as a general rule of thumb, we suggest picking a category of colours that you can work with such as blues or greens. 

What to look for when choosing your bridesmaid dresses in London?

Deciding on a general colour for your bridesmaid dresses is a great place to start. This will give you a good understanding of what opinions you have. It will also guide you in what styles you might be able to find that are available in those shades. I know that sounds easier than it is in reality, but even working out what you don’t want is a big step!

When to start looking for your bridesmaid dresses?

We get asked this more than any other question on a day to day basis. When is the best time to order and how long do I really have are the only questions brides seem to be concerned with. Honestly, our only answer is that each bride is different and each wedding is too. We often recommend that the phrase “the sooner, the better” is the best rule to stick to. Many bridesmaid dress manufacturers run on a 12-14 week lead time.  Add on to this at least 4 weeks for contingencies and alterations. Together this means you should be ordering your bridesmaid dresses about 5 months before your wedding date.

This doesn’t mean that you need to find those bridesmaids dresses before you’ve even considered the date or location of your wedding. We just suggest that you don’t leave it until very last. Picking those all-important dresses can be a task that takes longer than most people think. You might find a dress you love and then realise that a few of your maids are uncomfortable wearing it. Or you find out that the dress is only stocked in a limited number of sizes for instance. It’s often impossible to find the perfect dress that suits all your maids, and their individual styles and shapes.

What is the process of choosing your bridesmaid dresses?

Perhaps you’ve started your search by typing knee length bridesmaid dresses, or budget bridesmaid dresses into google (we all know what a fantastic tool it can be). Or maybe you’ve got an idea of a colour and you’ve been searching for lavender bridesmaid dresses or sage bridesmaid dresses. However we also know the perils of searching key words on google. You type in dusky pink bridesmaids dresses and suddenly you’ve got 130,000 results to sift through. And the vast majority of these will be only available in America! But you are looking for London bridesmaid dresses. So instead, we suggest you try and narrow your search down.

Stick to bridesmaid dress shops in London that perhaps have a good range of brands. Or look at brands you might like to pursue rather than just generally scouring the internet for anything and everything. Compare your website finds with brand social media. This will help give you a better impression of the brands ethos and help you to gain an insight into what you’d get from purchasing from them. It’s all well and good that they have a stunning selection of dresses, but if their turn around is too long for your timescale, then cross them off before you look any further.

Where does The Boutique – a London bridesmaid dress shop – fit in?

Here at The Boutique we’ve worked hard to set ourselves apart from other bridal shops. We have connected directly with small independent brands and put in the time and effort before joining forces. This means we’re lucky enough to  represent and host some incredible small businesses and brands. We’ve done all the hard work for you, searching high and low for the perfect selection of London bridesmaid dresses. As well as hair accessories, bridal shoes, wedding party hats, flower girl dresses, page boys and hair and makeup artists.

We currently have four brands in the shop providing a wide range of bridesmaid dresses to choose from and showcasing a huge range of styles. We have vintage bridesmaids dresses, two piece bridesmaids dresses, and many other styles. We pride ourselves on giving brides the opportunity to easily browse a wide selection all under one roof.

Our four collections of bridesmaid dresses in London

We are proud to be stockists of four brands of bridesmaids dresses, making us one of the largest bridesmaids dress shops in London.

One of our favourite bridesmaids brands is Jasmine: we’re delighted to be their London stockist. Also in store are two wonderful ranges from True Bride. Essentials is an affordable range full of beautiful, classic styles and available in True Bride’s huge range of colours. Starting at £175 these dresses don’t compromise on quality. Made to True Bride’s same impeccable standards they are available in over 100 colours meaning you’ll be sure to find the exact shade you want.  We also have the Luna range from True Bride. We’re lucky enough to be the only London bridesmaid dresses shop to stock this range. The Luna Collection provides brides with a huge selection of the most flattering dresses you’ve ever seen. Simply cut but carefully finished with covered buttons and pearl and bead details, there is plenty of choice for any picky party.

In addition to this we stock the amazing gowns of Angel Bridesmaid dresses. Beautifully pared down styles (we’re being asked for “non-bridesmaidy bridesmaid dresses” more and more!) and sleek silhouettes along with modern fabrics make these a gorgeous option.

Chosen for their modern take on the classic bridesmaid look, the Linzi Jay bridesmaid dress collection is one of our most popular here at The Boutique. We simply love the two piece bridesmaid dresses we have in the shop. These mix layers of soft tulle with delicate lace tops, providing any maid with a gorgeous contemporary look.

What to expect from an appointment at our London bridesmaid dresses shop

We have a nominal charge for our weekend and evening appointments of £20. This is fully redeemable against your dress purchase. Your appointment will last around 1-1.5 hours depending on the size of the bridal party. Our specialist will take you through introductions with a complimentary hot or soft drink. This will be followed by a brief session to narrow down your preferences and requirements. After familiarising yourselves with the dresses on offer, we provide a large communal space downstairs for your bridesmaids to take turns trying on our wide range of bridesmaid dresses. This will help to give you an exact idea of what is not your cup of tea and what you absolutely adore.

During your appointment, our stylists will write up any required notes from your appointment, recording the details of your bridesmaids’ measurements and preferred style/cut/colour. We can then take your through your ordering options, any additional measurements we need from bridesmaids who couldn’t attend etc. Once your order is placed, we will keep you informed along the way once we confirm a ship date with the supplier, and later on when we know they are on their way to us.

Please note that due to the current situation, we can only allow the bride to bring one bridesmaid that models for all the other bridesmaids, who can dial themselves in virtually to join the appointment.