our veils

We have a gorgeous collection of veils that we have carefully designed and manufactured within the EU selected from the very best supplier we could find. Our veils are available in a wide range of different lengths and tier options.

Prices range from £115 to £295


Our veils

S 383

1 tier fingertip with crystals

Available in chapel, cathedral length

S 251

2 tier chapel cut edge

Available in fingertip, floor, cathedral length

S 399

1 tier fingertip with glas beaded edge

S 347

2 tier cathedral with lace

S 359

1 tier blush pink with corded edge

Available in elbow length

S 388

1 tier chapel with corded edge

Available in elbow, fingertip, cathedral length

2 tier optional

S 396

2 tier chapel with clear glass beaded edge 

S 259

1 tier fingertip with glass beaded edge

Available in elbow, floor, chapel length

S 7

1 tier elbow with satin edge

Available in fingertip, chapel, cathedral length

S 286

1 tier fingertip with lace

Aire Barcelona bridal veil cape London


Bridal veil-cape made of tulle by Aire Barcelona. 

S 361

1 tier floor length with glitter

Available in chapel or cathedral length

S 208

2 tier chapel length with satin edge

available in elbow, cathedral length